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[Light Novel][English][PDF] Tokyo Ravens. «on: July 02, , pm». Title: Tokyo Ravens Author: Kōhei Azano Description: Tsuchimikado Harutora. Tokyo Ravens Vol [LN][EPUB]. Tokyo Ravens Vol [LN]. Novel Updates. Translation Group: Baka-Tsuki · DDL. - April 12, · Email ThisBlogThis!. Where can i find tokyo ravens light novel volume translated into In the PDF Generation Thread, various users sometimes have a library.

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Tokyo Ravens Light Novel Pdf

Tokyo Ravens (レイヴンズ) is a Japanese light novel written by Kōhei Azano and illustrated by Sumihei. It was adapted into a manga series in. YOU CAN NOW DOWNLOAD TOKYO RAVENS LIGHT NOVEL IN . download tokyo ravens volume 1 pdf · download tokyo ravens volume Tokyo Ravens Vol [14 is incomplete] and Side Stories convey their feelings but this light novel/anime didnt have to have a sad ending.

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Ohtomo, on the other hand, tells them that he would still help the students despite the strict Academy rules. This irritates Kyouko and at the same time Kon shows up having her sword pointed towards Kyouko for badmouthing Harutora. Seeing this, Jin Ohtomo suggests them to have a Shikigami duel. Harutora tells his plan to Kon and the two prepare to face against Kyouko's shikigami.

After this flashback, Harutora's Bokken energy bursts out due to overcharging. Jin Ohtomo is forced to stop the duel after watching Harutora lose.


Due to his duel against Kyouko, Harutora gets popular in his class which upsets Natsume. Later, Kyouko apologizes to Harutora for her rude behaviour which she reveals due to her assumption that the one she met in her childhood was Natsume. She thinks Natsume has forgot about the promise between her and the Tsuchimikado boy she met. As Natsume arrives, she sees Harutora together with Kyouko and gets upset and cries after scolding him. As Harutora goes to comfort her, she gets caught up in the miasma caused by a Magic Investigator from the Onmyo Agency who is in fact a Yakou disciple.

Harutora and the others arrive at the place where Natsume is held hostage by the Yakou disciple and he summons a one-armed demon whom he calls Kakugyouki. After an intense battle with the fake Kakugyouki, Harutora manages to break its seal.

Unable to control the fake Kakugyouki, the Yakou disciple flees. After getting rescued by Harutora, Natsume summons her Shikigami dragon Hokuto which kills the fake Kakugyouki. Touji later confirms that the one-armed demon was not the real Kakugyouki.

Later, in their conversation Kyouko confesses that she likes Natsume and wants Harutora to help her start dating with Natsume. Harutora is surprised after hearing this as he can't tell her that Natsume is in fact a girl pretending to be a boy. Just after their conversation, Harutora has a flashback of a girl whom he made a promise and the girl looks like a younger Kyouko. They misunderstand the situation and takes their pictures together which embarrasses Harutora.

Weird rumours spread throughout the school about Harutora and Natsume which now includes Touji as well thanks to the dorm mothers.

Harutora plans to go shopping on his day off but since Touji has plans, he suggests Harutora and Natsume to go together. This makes Natsume happy as she considers this as a date with Harutora.

Next day, while searching for a clothes shop, the two of them gets lost and end up in a love hotel where they hide from the dorm mothers who were chasing them. While the two shares a light moment together, Kon shows up and tells them they are also being searched by Kyouko and Tenma's Shikigami.

Natsume thinks that she can handle their Shikigami but when Jin Ohtomo shows up to help in their search she loses all her hope.

Harutora calls Touji for help and the two escape thanks to him. They later meet up with Jin Ohtomo and others but things don't go well for Harutora when he is misunderstood again being together with Kon in the hotel room. Later in the evening, Jin Ohtomo manages to successfully locate and capture the Yakou disciple who kidnapped Natsume previously.

The principal also shows up controlling her cat Shikigami and she confirms the Yakou disciple's connection with the Twin Horn Syndicate. Shortly after that, Ashiya Douman discusses with a man about the Yakou disciple.

Tokyo Ravens Light Novel Volume 14

The man states that he does not want to get involved with the Twin Horn Syndicate's conflict. He also seems interested in the Tsuchimikado branch family's son Harutora. While he is about to leave, it is subtly revealed that he has one arm missing and that person is actually the real Kakugyouki. Natsume is trying to make Harutora pass his exams by helping him in his studies.

In a second duel with Kyouko, Harutora manages to beat one of her two Shikigami. Touji meets Miyo in her room where she discusses about the practical exam which will be the purification of a simulated Spiritual Disaster. She tells him about this exam as she thinks Touji has a handicap in this exam for being a victim of the Spiritual Disaster which happened two years ago.

The next day, the simulated Spiritual Disaster practical exam is held. However, the exam doesn't go well as a Chimera 01 type Nue appears in the exam site due to the miasma getting stronger. Upon sensing danger, Natsume summons Hokuto to expel the miasma and keep her classmates safe. Reiji Kagami, while pursuing the Nue, appears at the exam site. While Touji is in pain due to the strong miasma, Reiji notices him becoming a Half-Ogre. It is revealed that two years ago Touji was possessed by the same Ogre which caused the Spiritual Disaster.

Touji is later admitted to the hospital, but disappears after regaining consciousness. He and Reiji suspect the Twin Horn Syndicate of causing the event. The two of them leave the scene to go after the Nue. Natsume agrees to aid the Onmyo Agency by using her dragon, Hokuto, to help fight the Spiritual Disaster. Later, Harutora runs into some strangers but Kakugyouki arrives and tells them to stop making a scene.

Before disappearing, Kakugyouki tells Harutora about Touji's whereabouts. While fighting, Harutora explains that Touji can't kill him because Touji loves his friends.

Tokyo Ravens

While Mari Yuge is making a special barrier to contain the Chimera 01, Hokuto lures the Nue towards the barrier. Later, Chihiro Mutobe casts a spell which causes the Chimaira 01 to progress into a Phase-4 Phenomena.

Back in the hospital, Touji wakes up and finds that Miyo has loosened his Ogre seal. She tells him to control his Ogre power instead of merely driving it away. Zenjirou and Natsume are stopped by Chihiro Mutobe in their chase.

Tokyo Ravens Light Novel Volume Download | MP4DIRECTS - MP4DIRECTS COMMUNITY

Zenjirou faces Chihiro while the others continue after the Nue. Meanwhile, Tenma comforts Touji and tells him he still considers Touji a friend. Touji decides to help Harutora against the Nue and later arrives at the scene. After an intense battle, they are successful in purifying it. Reiji Kagami comments how their actions will cause Natsume to be famous among the Yakou followers and will re-energize them.

He meets Ohtomo, who warns him to stay away from his students.


Zenjirou also arrives and tells them he failed to take Chihiro Mutobe into custody, since he had placed a suicide spell on himself and died. Shortly after that, everyone feels the powerful presence of Ashiya Douman who was planning to retrieve the Nue for himself but failed. She notices Harutora in the ceremony and declares that he was her first kiss which causes him to be bombarded with questions.

Zenjirou Kogure tells Jin Ohtomo that the Onmyo Agency enrolled Suzuka in the Academy as her penalty for the incident she caused last year. Jin states that the Onmyo Academy will take care of Suzuka for her re-education. She was close to Harutora and got really jealous when Harutora was kissed by Suzuka.

During his next encounter with Suzuka, she sacrifices herself to save Harutora from Suzuka's shikigami Tsuchigumo, revealing herself to be a shikigami. Hokuto's 'death' was what prompted Harutora to become Natsume's shikigami.

She shares her name with another shikigami called Hokuto, a dragon. A former delinquent and Harutora's best friend from school. He is capable of special spirit sensing and has a vast knowledge on Onmyoudou.

He was a victim to the Spiritual Disaster from two years ago. Harutora's doctor father treated him although the after-effects remained. He realized way before Harutora that Natsume was the one who conjured Hokuto. He enrolled the Onmyou Academy in Tokyo along with Harutora. He usually helps Harutora whenever he gets in trouble. He is always seen wearing a green bandanna. The youngest of the Twelve Divine Generals nicknamed "the Prodigy". She is a wanted criminal for researching and using forbidden magic.

She comes to town searching for Natsume to make her as an offering in a Taizan Fukun Ritual to revive her brother.

She researched on Yakou Tsuchimikado and his Taizan Fukun Ritual in order to bring her brother back to life. This leads her into conflict with the Onmyou Agency. Harutora's shikigami.

A diminutive silver-fox spirit who wears miko-like clothing and wields a wakazashi. She has been by Harutora's side since the moment he became Natsume's shikigami, but due to his low spiritual power and awareness, he was unable to hear or see her.

A rare Gohou-type shikigami, she possesses independent thought and actions and is fiercely loyal to her master, and even gets jealous when Harutora associates with other girls. She has served the Tsuchimikado clan since a long time.

Initially she appears antagonistic towards Harutora and by extension Natsume due suspicion of using his family's fame and status of being Natsume's shikigami to suddenly enroll directly into the elite academy at mid semester. A classmate that befriend Harutora and Touji during their first day at academy. He ended up unwitting involved in the Yakou Disciple incident when he was caught in attack from a shikigami called a Kodoku meant for Harutora.

He however resolved himself to help Harutora rescue Natsume after listening his request.

Since then, Tenma has been drawn in various events related to the cult despite his somewhat cowardly nature. He is quite knowledgeable on various info relating to current events of the Onmyodo world at large and sometimes helps Harutora catch up with his studies by lending him his notebook.

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