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The Book of Suffering- Tome 1 by Cryptopsy, released 30 October 1. Detritus (the one they kept) 2. The Knife, The Head and What Remains 3. Halothane. Even though the band is back in fine form, this isn't the Cryptopsy of Blasphemy .. But, the one thing The Book of Suffering - Tome 1 really has going for it is the . Cryptopsy – The Book Of Suffering: Tome I. The Book Of Suffering: Tome I (CD, EP) album 1, Detritus (The One They Kept). 2, The Knife, The Head And What.

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Cryptopsy The Book Of Suffering Tome 1

Cryptopsy – The Book Of Suffering: Tome I. The Book Of Suffering: Tome I (Vinyl , 12", A1, Detritus (The One They Kept). A2, The Knife, The Head And What. A1, Detritus (The One They Kept). A2, The Knife, The Head And What Remains. A3, Halothane Glow. A4, Framed By Blood. A review of The Book of Suffering: Tome 1 by Cryptopsy, available October 30th through Bandcamp.

Or browse results titled:. The Wretched Living Sire of Sin Fear His Displeasure The Laws of the Flesh Cryptopsy Artwork by: Remy C from Headsplit Designs headsplitdesign. CryptopsyOfficial Twitter: Cryptopsyband gmail.

Fear His Displeasure The Laws of the Flesh Cryptopsy Artwork by: Remy C from Headsplit Designs headsplitdesign. CryptopsyOfficial Twitter: Cryptopsyband gmail. Eric Galy -Email: Booking GalyRecords.

Cryptopsy - The Book Of Suffering: Tome I (CD, EP) | Discogs

Tim mad-tourbooking. Extreme Management Group: Joann Gullo — EMG. Joann gmail. Cryptopsy is an influential extreme metal band from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. For over 20 years, they have sculpted and pushed the boundaries of their metal genre. Contact Cryptopsy. Streaming and Download help. If you like Cryptopsy, you may also like:.

Esoteric Malacology by Slugdge. This will be tearing you in parts.

Cryptopsy – The Book Of Suffering – Tome II – Album Review

No this will shred you in parts, thin slices Revenant by Inferi. How can something so technical be so melodic, yet be so damn beautiful? Absolutely killer music that's assisted by just as killer artwork!

Blaine Ooksgiver.

Cacophony of Terror by Nightmarer. No kidding, he is probably one of the best vocalists in extreme metal right now, which is something I didn't really see coming. Of course, a musical genre gives birth to Art at the junction of song-writing and inventive technical displays. Brutal music depends in part on the element of surprise for its impact. The surprise is in the sense that artful rhythms and interesting sounds are more likely to draw the listener in, and thus make him that much more vulnerable to being ripped in half by a punishing breakdown or blitzkreig solo.

The first chapter of the Tome goes out on an epic high, the only shame being that it is over so soon. Line-up changes" No problem. Cryptopsy is an alien god that uses human puppets to do its bidding, Flo Mounier being chief among these minions. And for the love of God, if Flo is on it, it is Cryptopsy, and if it is Cryptopsy it is good. There are not many times when I get caught up with authorial intent-- call me egotistical and self-absorbed-- but this is a case where you MUST respect the artist's vision.

Cryptopsy has never pandered to the mainstream. To say The Unspoken King was a stab at mainstream acceptance is a statement so devoid of grounding in reality, so dizzyingly absurd, that it makes my head swim. Hopefully Cryptopsy decides to stick to what they do best. This EP is supposed to be the first in a series, so maybe we won't have to wait too long to see how the band continues to progress. At least for now, I can wear my Cryptopsy shirt again without feeling embarrassed.

Cryptopsy "The Book Of Suffering (Tome 1)" Vinyl

Originally written for http: Ever since hearing their album "None So Vile", I have been heavily following Cryptopsy and even claiming that as I tend to put it, "Cryptopsy is god. I never doubt the power of this monstrous group but as proof is seen on their album "The Unspoken King", they can sometimes fall short. I can fully say that I am very happy with what the tech-death masters have brought forth.

As soon as I heard the beginning to Detritus with that damned sample, I knew it was about to go off. And like hell it did. Every instrument exploded with ferocious intensity, with the vocalist Matt McGachy coming in after adding even more chaos to the mix.

I immediately fell in love with Cryptopsy all over again. The vocals altogether although not all that varied, provide a great powerful voice to this album. Matching the instrumental barrage to near a perfect level. There is really nothing else to be said other that I feel Matt has finally found his true position and style in Cryptopsy.

Now to the instruments I can't think of a way to describe it other than kill. The drumming is aggressive and so creative. He takes everything in and pummels everything into dust. From the power of every hit, to the swift changes of tempo and I can't say style, but the feel of it.

He has never let me down and his work is not to be missed on his release. The guitar work is just as crazy as the guitars.

Being that there is only one guitar player at this time Christian Donaldson you really need to give him credit because at first listen I couldn't even imagine that. It's a complete barrage of brutal technicality that gives no remorse and is very well complemented by the heavy bass presence of Olivier Pinard.

You can definitely tell he is demanding to be heard and it is in no way bad. It adds even more power obliterating everything in its path somehow keeping up with the guitars yet in some parts branching off doing it's own thing.

The punchy attack makes it easy to hear his bass lines with his impressive slap and fingerstyle sound. All around this is a chaotic, technical, just amazing album and I cannot wait to hear more from them. I give this album a solid 96 out of because as much as it amazes me, I want more.

Cryptopsy – The Book of Suffering: Tome 1 Review

So it's been three years. Three long years since the self titled album from legendary Canadian tech-death masters Cryptopsy. While I think it's safe to say that The Unspoken King didn't go down too well with loyal Cryptopsy fans, their self titled was a much welcomed return to form. There were elements of that album that truly surprised me, and while this is not as surprising, mainly because the band have gone back to their roots, it's still an incredibly solid EP.

Back are the frenzied, seemingly out of control guitars, manic drumming, excellent bass playing and dare I say it I think this is the first release in which Matt McGachy really fits the band and their sound, and seems to be in the groove of things, hammering out his lines with power and conviction.

In fact it's so ideal that I am able to freely focus on just the music without having to worry about the vocals. What we have here is classic Cryptopsy firing on all cylinders. The band don't ever really take a break for the four songs on this EP - they just constantly pummel your senses every chance they get. Flo's drumming is outstanding, simply amazing.

One of the most creative drummers in his field, easily, and here he just blows everyone else away. A lot of technical death metal drummers are pretty straightforward and while incredible technically, just write boring and predictable drum patterns.

I'm not sure if he works at it a lot especially, or if it just flows out of him naturally, but I like to think that he's just just playing what feels natural to him.

In any case, the drum performance here is very impressive, but that can be said about literally any Cryptopsy album.

The drums just grab you, and they have a way of taking a groove and just driving it into the ground. Tension upon tension upon tension, and finally the inevitable explosion of power and fury.

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