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    In the first of a multi-part series from the Inspired 3D Short Film Production book, Jeremy Cantor & Pepe. Valencia begin to help you organize. This book brilliantly guides readers, using colorful images and step-by-step instructions, through all aspects of creating a digital short film, from the development. Thank you very much for downloading inspired 3d short film production. As you may know, people have search numerous times for their.

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    Inspired 3d Short Film Production Pdf

    In the fourth part of the production planning chapter from the book, Inspired 3D Short Film Production, Jeremy Cantor and Pepe Valencia tackle. View Notes - 3D Max - Inspired from MCT at Daffodil International University. Inspired 3D Short Film Production: Character Development and Design By. Inspired 3d Short Film Production 1st Edition preliminary technical program - powermems - 1 preliminary technical program the executive committee.

    About this product Synopsis Internationally renowned cardiologists Drs. Catherine M. Otto and Robert O. Bonow help you to apply all of the latest scientific knowledge and clinical strategies with "Valvular Heart Disease," a companion to "Braunwald's Heart Disease. This book brilliantly guides readers, using colorful images and step-by-step instructions, through all aspects of creating a digital short film, from the development stage story, character design, animatics , through the production process animation, camera direction, lighting , as well as the post-production phase editing, submitting to festivals and contests. By the time readers complete "Inspired 3D Short Film Production", they will have received an overview of all the steps involved in creating a digital short, as well as having witnessed the production of a student's short film from concept through completion. An exciting companion DVD features several student and professional animated shorts, and includes examples performed in the book's tutorials. Product Identifiers.

    Do you have the necessary digital sculpting skills? If not, should you download a book on the subject and educate yourself, or will you have to hire someone to build your models? Can you download suitable models instead? Character setup.

    Inspired 3D Short Film Production - Character Development and Design

    Do you have the necessary skills to set up your characters effectively and efficiently? If not, will you download textbooks or training DVDs, take a class or hire someone to do the work for you?

    Can you download a pre-built character rig or construction system that will work with your models? Will you do it all yourself or build a team?

    Will your teammates charge you for their services? Do you need to download animation books or training videos? Will you need to create or download reference books or videos of humans or animals in motion?

    Texture mapping. Inspired 3D Short Film Production (): Jeremy Cantor, Pepe Valencia: Books

    How will you create your texture maps? Will you simply use the procedural textures included in your CG package? If you paint them digitally, you will need appropriate software, such as Photoshop or Painter. If you paint them traditionally, you will need to download, borrow or rent a scanner or a digital camera to get them into your computer. Can you download appropriate textures? How much will they cost? Lighting and rendering.


    How much hard drive space will you need to hold all of your rendered images? Internet-appropriate JPG images might be around 50K. Do some quick math to figure out how much storage space youll need.

    For instance, a five-minute film running at 30 frames per second will contain approximately 9, frames. If your intended resolution is x TV , each frame will be about 1MB; therefore, youll need approximately 9GB just to hold your rendered images. Keep in mind that youll also need space to store earlier render versions and other digital assets, such as software packages, scene files, texture maps, scanned storyboards and sound fx files.

    Sound effects and music. Will your film require either of these audio assets?

    You can record your sound fx yourself using a camcorder or a microphone. Or you can download sound fx CDs or download them from various web sites. You can also find many free sound effects on the Internet. Just make sure they are not sampled from existing sources without permission; otherwise, you can get into copyright infringement trouble.

    If you want to use a modern recording of an existing song, you will have to pay for permissions if you ever hope to see your film in a public forum. Copyright-free recordings of folk songs and classical pieces are available at your local CD store as well as on the Internet.

    There are a number of websites from which original music can be downloadd for a song. Writing and performing your own music is an excellent option, assuming you are a decent songwriter and you have the necessary hardware and software, which can be costly.

    Will you want your film to include effects, such as rain, snow, fire or smoke? If so, how do you plan to create such assets? In 3D or 2D? Many CG software packages have built-in particle systems you can use quite effectively, or you can create 2D effects as separate layers with the right software and then composite them into your rendered images. However, it is sometimes more effective and efficient to composite separate image layers to create your final frames. Such layers might include background plates, effects passes and separate character and background renders.

    Compositing these layers together will require additional software, hard drive space and perhaps training materials or teammates. How will you create the titles and credit lists for your film?

    Will they be simple 2D lines of text or complex flying 3D objects? Duplicating, marketing and distributing. How do you plan to get your film out into the public eye?

    You could post it on a web page, which of course will cost you a monthly hosting fee. If you plan to enter contests and festivals, realize than many have entry fees and you will usually have to pay for postage.

    Getting your film out to videotape will require additional hardware. Dumping your short out to film will probably require a professional service, which can be quite costly. Hopefully, you already own most of what you need to complete your production. At the very least, youll need unlimited access to a computer and a piece of CG software.

    'Inspired 3D Short Film Production': Production Planning — Part 2

    You can probably borrow or rent other items that you will use rarely, such as scanners. One advantage to renting is that you generally wont have to bear the costs of repairs or upgrades.

    It can easily be argued that all memorable films contain memorable characters. Where would The Godfather be without Don Corleone? Or The Wizard of Oz without the Scarecrow? A memorable character is believable, relatable, and interesting.

    And a well-developed character will successfully channel the emotional impact of the events of your story to your audience. It has been said that there are only a few basic storylines. However, an infinite number of variations exist through the introduction of new characters with unique points of views into this otherwise finite group of plots and scenarios.

    Some short films of the fine arts or especially abstract variety, such as Hitoshi Akayamo's Garden of the Metal , don't require any actual characters in order to provide an audience with engaging entertainment value. However, if your intention is to create an animated short that tells a story, you'll likely need at least one living, breathing, thinking protagonist.

    Audiences expect to. You've reached the end of your free preview. Want to read all 41 pages? Share this link with a friend:

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