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Star Wars: Legacy of the Force: Bloodlines. Home · Star Wars: Legacy of the Force: Bloodlines Star Wars(r) Legacy of the Force Betrayal · Read more. Betrayal (Star Wars: Legacy of the Force, Book 1). Read more Star Wars: Legacy of the Force: Bloodlines · Read more. Star Wars: Legacy of the Force has 29 entries in the series. Wars: Legacy of the Force (Series). Book 1. Aaron Allston Author (). cover image of Bloodlines.

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Star Wars Legacy Of The Force Bloodlines Pdf

The Force Ii Bloodlines PDF EPUB Download Full Star Wars Legacy Of The Force Ii. Bloodlines Book in PDF, EPUB, Mobi and All Ebook. This book will be worth getting. Better then never, though i am quite late in start reading this one. Its been written in an extremely basic way which is only right. bloodlines pdf - legacy of the force legends epub download searching for [[pdf download]] bloodlines star wars legacy of the force - you.

Master Qui-Gon, more to say, have you? It is requested that this article, or a section of this article, be expanded. See the request on the listing or on this article's talk page. Once the improvements have been completed, you may remove this notice and the page's listing. Lots and lots of pages. Most of the pages will have letters on my way back around them, and a vast majority of these letters will be in the Roman alphabet. It deals with the fall of Jacen Solo to the dark side of the Force , mentored by the returning villain Lumiya. The backdrop to this story arc is the conflict between Corellia and the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances , which later erupts into a full-scale war. The books are written in a cycle of Aaron Allston , Karen Traviss , Troy Denning repeated three times, with Denning finishing the series with the ninth novel, Legacy of the Force: Invincible. Also, books one , five , and nine are hardcovers, giving each author the opportunity to write a hard-bound book. The new generation was being primed, which in turn led to speculation that one of the major movie characters Luke , Leia , Han would die.

As Caedus's fleet arrives in the Maad system and battles off the forces of the Jedi Coalition , Jaina manages to get aboard the dying Anakin Solo , as it has been weakening thanks to the attacks brought upon it by the Coalition's forces. However, Zekk has been lost in the raid, and his fate becomes unknown for the rest of the battle.

Meanwhile, Caedus finds out that the Moffs have managed to create a nanokiller from Isolder's biology that they plan to bring onto Tenel Ka's flagship, the Dragon Queen , and kill everyone aboard of royal bloodline to level the playing field in the battle where the Hapans are concerned. Caedus disallows this, although he even knows that they are lying about their compliance.

The Sith Lord, when asked by Tahiri why he simply cannot go back in time and fix such problems with flow-walking , then reveals to her that going back in time to see the late Anakin Solo did not really change the past, as the flow-walks have been too insignificant to be of any consequence. Though she hates him for deceiving her in such a way, Tahiri remains loyal to Caedus and goes down to Shedu Maad to plant a bomb that can wipe out the Coalition's base.

Then Caedus tries to enlist Isolder's help in trying to stop the Moffs from unleashing their nanokiller against those board the Dragon Queen. Isolder believes that Caedus is lying, which forces the Sith Lord to break the prince's neck, killing him. Then Caedus takes Isolder's body to an immolation pit to dispose of the corpse, but Jaina tracks him down there and they duel again. Caedus tries to convince Jaina that he needs to save Tenel Ka and his daughter, Allana , from the Moffs' nanokiller, but Jaina thinks that he is lying, like Isolder.

Their fight continues, and they both sustain many injuries. But eventually, Caedus's injuries become too great for him to carry on, so rather than wasting the last of his life against Jaina, he becomes Jacen Solo again and alerts Tenel Ka of the danger that she and Allana face.

He is unable to complete this warning before Jaina strikes him down with her lightsaber, ending Darth Caedus's life just as his sister realizes what he was trying to do. On Shadu Maad, Ben confronts Tahiri and stops her from activating the baradium bomb to destroy the Jedi base.

Making her see that she is a better person than Caedus, Ben redeems Tahiri and she turns back to the Jedi's side.

They threaten to unleash them to the Hapans for their nanokiller attack on the Dragon Queen, which killed many of royal bloodline, such as Allana, but not Tenel Ka, and unless the Moffs let Jagged Fel rule the Imperial Remnant, they will face certain death by the Hapes Consortium. The Moffs let Jag become their ruler and agree to help clean up the mess that the war has brought upon to other planets. The Solos, despite all that Caedus has done, fall into grief over his death, as he was still Han and Leia's son, and Jaina's brother.

What is worse is that Jaina failed to believe that Caedus had told the truth about trying to save Tenel Ka and Allana, and that she had killed him when he became Jacen again in order to alarm Tenel Ka of the nanovirus attack. This makes Jaina evaluate what being the Sword of the Jedi really means. The novel, and the series , ends as Jaina is recovering from her injuries from her last duel with Caedus.

Han and Leia show that in a way, Caedus had won the war, as the worlds of the Confederation and the Imperial Remnant have allied to restore the Galactic Alliance, bringing a united galaxy that Caedus had sought for. Natasi Daala is the new Chief of State , Zekk remains missing and it turns out that Allana had survived the nanokiller attack.

The incomplete warning that Jacen had given Tenel Ka through the Force was enough to to save herself and Allana from the nanokiller, and then the Queen Mother had given Allana, renamed Amelia, a war orphan, to Han and Leia so that, with everyone else believing that she is dead, no one will go after her via Hapan assassination. Jaina fondly accepts "Amelia" into the Solo family. Han talks Mirta down, and Mirta and Boba decide to stick together because they are the only family they have left. Characterization: Throughout this book the character of Boba Fett gets revealed.

In the beginning, Boba is a cold, heartless killer who cares only about himself. When Boba realized that he was dying everything started changing. Suddenly he wanted to have someone who he could pass his legacy onto. Then Boba met Mirta Gev. Unbeknownst to Boba that she was his granddaughter, Boba had an immediate liking for her because she reminded him a bit of himself. I wonder why that was. Boba started thinking about more than himself. He started sharing his feelings.

All of these things are things he has never done before. It just goes to show how life changing events really do change your life. Audience: This novel would be recommended to people who have a high school reading level and have a love for Star Wars. People who also love sci fi books would enjoy this book because it describes many science fiction ideas such as space travel, aliens, and advanced technology.

This book is for both genders as Star Wars is not restricted by gender. However, if you do not like death, war, or conflict, do not read this book. Overall this is a well written book for everyone to enjoy. Personal Response: I give this book 5 out of 5 stars. I thoroughly enjoy reading about the Star Wars universe and this book is not a disappointment.

Star Wars EU fans. Bloodlines was really-really amazing book for me I enjoyed reading it so much I didn,t actually expect this book to be so good I was a little skeptical of Karen Traviss as an author Jul 14, Jerry rated it really liked it.

Boba Fett isn't my favorite character, but this story made for some exciting reading. Though I already know how this series ends, it'll be interesting to relive the events that led up to it. May 10, Gus rated it it was amazing. This book is a very exciting read. The book flashes it point of view to that of Boba Fett, a bounty hunter known throughout the galaxy. After escaping the Sarlacc Pit, he learns that because he is a clone he is slowly dying from age acceleration.

His only hope of surviving is to find Ko Sai, a Kaminoan cloner who may have the solution to his age acceleration. As his journey begins he meets a young bounty hunter named Mirta Gev. She tells Fett that she is completing a bounty for Fett's daughter a This book is a very exciting read. She tells Fett that she is completing a bounty for Fett's daughter and that she can take him to her if he wants.

The last time Fett saw his daughter, Ailyn, she tried to kill him and took his ship. With the looming fact that he might die, Fett agrees but is unaware that Mirta is his granddaughter. Mirta is sent by Ailyn to lure Fett into a trap and kill him. Meanwhile, Jacen is the head of the Galactic Alliance Guard, a task force created to get rid of Corellian terrorists who are protesting on Coruscant.

The cause of the terrorism was the attack on Centerpoint and the assassination of Corellia's former Prime Minister.

With the assassination of Corellia's Prime Minister, Thrackan is voted into office and starts urging Corellia and her fellow systems to leave the Galactic Alliance. This causes a lot of conflict between the Galactic Alliance and the Solo family. Jacen starts to lead raids in Coruscant to deport Corellians back to Corellia. This angers Luke as he slowly feels Jacen slowly going to the dark side.

It also angers him because Jacen is taking Ben on these raids. Luke soon realizes that Lumiya is behind it although he doesn't know that she is working through Jacen. Han soon teams up with Fett to assassinate Thrackan in hopes that it will end the looming war between Corellia and the Galactic Alliance. During the raids back on Coruscant, Ailyn is captured and killed during interrogation by Jacen. This upsets Boba but it brings his relationship with Mirta closer and they head out together to find a cure.

This book was very angering to see Jacen's character transition into something dark and evil. It is very frustrating to see Jacen's character be so swayed by Lumiya to the dark side. It seems as though soon Jacen will be to the point where he may start to hurt the people that he loves.

He may do this with no remorse or regret.


This book is very good for any Star Wars fan. The book leaves the reader sitting at the edge of their seat with the flip of each page. A good age group for the readers would be from middle school and up. I don't recommend this book if you haven't read the first one in the series of if you aren't familiar with the Star Wars franchise. Feb 10, Priya rated it it was ok. I guess there aren't a lot of things I can say about this book other then I am not a huge fan of Karen Traviss.

First of all, the woman cannot write Luke or Mara or Han or Leia for that matter.

Star Wars(r) Legacy of the Force Betrayal

Thier conversations just seemed so out of charachter. And then there were the idiotic thought processes of Mara really would she really not see the darkness surrounding her own nephew? Not to mention the relationship between L and M and Ben.

That being said the hardest parts of this last bit of the Wow. That being said the hardest parts of this last bit of the book: No wonder he resorted to crazed, desperate violence I'm the second chance. The Jedi Council dropped the ball. And they paid for it. Jacen had accepted his Sith destiny, but now he understood not only that it had to happen, but why.

Everything in his life had led to this point because Anakin Skywalker's destiny had been subverted and warped by well-meaning but blind Masters, sending him off on a tangent to do a flawed Palpatine's bidding instead of realizing his own full power. I am more powerful than any of you. Though I will say that the most realistic moment of Han's was this quotation: I don't know who you are, but you aren't my son anymore. My Jacen would never do the kind of stuff you do. Get out. I don't want to know any more.

There are tons of gripes, but maybe its my dissatisfaction with the larger storyline: Omas, internment, secret police, Luke saying he 'isn't a student of history' when his whole life has been determined by the past.

I wasn't happy, but at the very least I've heard the series picks up with the next book.. So I lied, I did have a lot to say View 1 comment. Mar 24, William rated it liked it Shelves: Traviss is a hit and miss writer in my opinion, and this book lands somewhere in the middle. I liked the Boba Fett scenes and situations as he hunted for both bounties and personal answers to personal questions concerning family, being Mandalore and his own life.

However, it seems like Jacen's turn to the dark side is flying by without anyone willing to do anything. Clearly, his twin sister, Jaina, and uncle Luke can sense that he is turning, but do little more than offer words like: I know Jacen is very powerful, and able to conceal his emotions from his family, but it seems like this whole situation is a bit, pardon the pun, "Forced".

Sep 16, Alix rated it it was amazing. This book also talks about the forces of good and evil. There are a lot of different characters views and how it all plays out in the story line. The book is told in first person. In the future of time. The theme is mainly telling right from wrong, not letting people influence you to do wrong.

I would recommend this book to anybody that likes science fiction. Seventh grade and up would be able to read this series.

If you like watching the Star Wars movies you will like these books. Most of the characters in this book are also in the movies. You will be able to identify with the characters. Mar 21, Matt Nielsen rated it really liked it. This is book 2 of the series and as you can probably guess by the cover it features Boba Fett very prominently throughout in his own storyline. At first it seemed a little out of place, but by the end the author had me hooked on his story as much as Jacen's story.

Basically Boba Fett is dying because of a genetic defect inherent in clones. So he goes in search of the original Kaminoan cloning doc to help him live. But at the same time Jacen's crackdown on dissenters and trouble-makers on Coruscan This is book 2 of the series and as you can probably guess by the cover it features Boba Fett very prominently throughout in his own storyline.

But at the same time Jacen's crackdown on dissenters and trouble-makers on Coruscant leads him to accidently kill a mandolorian bounty hunter during interrogation, not realizing it was Boba's daughter He just made another enemy he really doesn't want I really do love the audio book implementations for Star Wars novels. It's lovely to hear all the music cues and background effects.

This book wasn't amazing, though I very much enjoyed the Boba Fett portions. The stuff with Jacen feels very forced heh. Oh well. On to the next one! Mar 21, John rated it it was ok. Continuation of the LotF storyline, this inexplicably brings back Boba Fett - someone who has died more times than a redshirt on Star Trek - but there's a twist.

He has a family. That's right, sports fans - our favorite evil bounty hunter has an ex-wife, a daughter and a granddaughter. But its supposedly OK - he's still moody and introspective.

Nov 17, J. The turning point This book was a bittersweet read because of the choices of Jacen Solo. I felt like a bystander in the back of his mind watching his choices. Learning about the humanity of Boba Fett was interesting, it was like seeing him without the helmet for the first time. Overall, this book was a good read just like the other books in the series.

Feb 01, Kelly rated it really liked it Shelves: Fett was not one of my favorite characters but at least here is more interesting than previously thought.

Star Wars: Legacy of the Force: Bloodlines - PDF Free Download

The story and characterizations move right along. I was mightily peeved when my local bookstores did not have the next book in stock! Apr 06, Aaron rated it really liked it. Travis does a great job tying the two halves together. Oct 07, Tim rated it liked it Recommends it for: Legacy of the Force Series readers. There were some good parts - just about anything with Boba Fett was good.

But there was a lot of filler where I just got bored. In all, not bad, but not great either. Mar 28, Benjamin Barnes rated it it was amazing. One of the books that got me likeing Star Wars Novels. Jan 02, Jonathan C rated it really liked it. Het was een goed boek! Merci Romane! Feb 14, Pagan rated it liked it Shelves: This review may contain spoilers. I will never understand why the Legacy of the Force series has so many authors. In my opinion, and no disrespect to any of the authors work, but it can be jarring jumping from one author to another from book to book within the same series, especially all leading towards a major plot point.

Despite that being a major downside of the series, that's not to di Rating: Despite that being a major downside of the series, that's not to discount any of the work of Bloodlines by Karen Traviss or its counterparts. The character arc of Jacen Solo is still too slow for me. Despite a large shift to the darkside due to the brutal murder and torture of Boba Fett's daughter during an "interrogation", Jacen Solo ends Bloodlines in the same place that he ended in the first novel Betrayal.

He has a lean towards the darkside, but by the end of the novel I feel he is yet again stuck in no mans land. Neither sith nor jedi, and not really anything in between.

Legacy of the Force

I wish this story would develop faster. I also wish Jacen would make a decision, rather than pander to his new "Master" Lumiya - to take Ben Skywalker as his Sith Apprentice or to let him go and be protected from the darkside. Again there is too much jumping from one to another, with nothing truly decided. I guess its a little frustrating after how easily manipulated he was by Lumiya to the darkside, which is hard for me to understand, two books later nothing has really happened in the grand scheme of either of their planning.

One of the things that both worked against and for the novel was the inclusion of Boba Fett. I think the story worked really well as a seperate story, but nowhere during the novel did I feel it was part of the novel. To elaborate, it felt like I was reading another novel, with the Jacen Solo and Boba Fett's daughter a bridging story between it and this novel.

It just felt like an excuse to use Boba Fett, or bring him back into canon but it lacked the smooth finesse that made it feel like it was all part of the one novel.

Perhaps this goes back to the point of the shifting authors, and a chopping of writing styles. Also how did he survive the Pit of Sarlaac? I am curious how the distance between Jacen and his family has esculated this far, between the last series and the start of this series, especially his twin Jaina.

After the events that occur in Bloodline , I wonder why there wasn't more of a push from Jaina to try and "reach out" to her twin brother.

The highlight of this novel was Ben Skywalker, and his journey as he is being forced by Jacen Solo to become an adult despite his age, and try to find his place in the world, muddling through the ways of the Jedi and the ways of the dark side that Jacen and Lumiya are trying to unknowingly manipulate him into embracing.

That being said I'm excited for the next novel and hoping it picks up progress, especially between now and book five as I know what happens, I just never have actually had a chance to read the books , which should make for some action and "dark" scenes in the next two-three books.

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