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    I've finally done it I've made my first $ selling my ebook through blogging. This achievement — while perhaps small in the eyes of a lot of. Because while blog posts are a great way to express your ideas, you can't your blog, know that you can make real money writing ebooks. Re-Purpose Your Content to Reach More People. Transform your Blog posts, Podcasts, Videos and PDFs into eBooks, Show Notes, Dynamic Flipbooks.

    Promote, Promote, Promote 1. Plan Your Content You could set out to write a book, jotting down words page by page until you have enough content to publish on its own. That's the typical way to write a book, and it works. But it's incredibly tough to find the time to research, write, and edit, and then turn all that into a book. That's why blogging is such a popular marketing medium. It's easy, requiring only a few hundred words and perhaps a few images, and is a reliable way to generate traffic. Writing a book is too much work for less concrete results.

    Charging Money For Your Ebook In this post, we have really focused on providing your ebook to readers for free, or in exchange for an email opt-in. There are a few cases where your ebook might warrant charging money for, particularly if your blog involves fictional short stories, poetry, or other creative work. Your reader base will be more likely to pay for a compilation of your material to support you in this case, as opposed to just a collection of opinion or educational pieces.

    No matter what type of ebook you create, you should add additional exclusive content and value or perform a complete rewrite if you intend to charge money for it. Otherwise, you are opening yourself up to complaints from downloaders once they realise that all of the material in your ebook was freely available all along. For paid ebooks, you have the option of providing them through services like site Kindle Direct Publishing or the Kobo bookstore.

    You can also host your paid ebooks on your own website and charge directly using Paypal, Stripe or other payment methods.

    Other Ways to Repurpose Your Blog Posts When you turn your blog into an ebook, use it as an opportunity to think about other ways to repurpose content. Once you post a blog on your business website, you should continue to leverage it in as many ways as possible.

    Snippets of your blog can be used to create social media posts on Twitter or Facebook. Specific quotes can be added to your Instagram or Snapchat story. Making a Youtube video related to each blog post is another way to increase the value for your readers, as well as providing a face and voice to your writing to establish a deeper connection. You could also turn your research into an infographic.


    Providing you focus on creating high-quality content, you can re-use your blog posts in many different ways to get the maximum return on investment.

    Insert your graphic into a blog post, page, or sidebar, and link it to the permalink for your eBook file.

    Readers will click and the PDF file will instantly open up in your site. Gather the share link, and connect the link to a graphic, text, blog post, or pin it!

    Should you Sell your eBook on Amazon or your Blog? - Jeffbullas's Blog

    Readers will be directed to this document when they click. Emailed directly to readers — create an opt-in form and let readers know how they can get your eBook for joining your mailing list. Opt-in offers are a fantastic way to reward your readers for subscribing, and the book is sent directly to their email.

    Published for sale — Sell your book via your site with PayPal, a shopping cart or online store, or through site Kindle Publishing.

    How to Turn Your Blog into an Ebook

    I chose to offer my first eBook to email subscribers. So I created a landing page with all the eBook information and the opt-in form to sign up for my email list.

    I also placed a graphic in my sidebar pointing people to me eBook offer. From choosing and collecting content, to revising, designing, and formatting, I went from blog to book in less than ten work hours. Now, I encourage you, look through your blog to find content for your up-and-coming eBook!

    You want to write a series of blog posts that become part of your ebook. Plan out the content for a whole book, and actually blog the majority of an ebook manuscript—or two or three.

    And let your blog readers know you are blogging a book. Reap the Benefits of Your Ebook Before You Complete It Most authors must wait to finish an ebook before it gets read and they reap the benefits of becoming an author.

    Reap the benefits now…as you write and publish. You get to be in control of what you publish, where you publish it and when you publish it, which means when people read it. As a savvy entrepreneur, you will work smarter and start achieving the results you desire with your ebook and blog immediately.

    And if you are more than just an entrepreneur—if you are writer—blogging your ebook will allow you to have what a writer really wants anyway: readers for your writing.

    You want your ebook content read so it leads potential clients and customers to your website and to you.

    A blogged ebook ensures that happens—now rather than later. This article was originally published on The Future of Ink and is reprinted here in its entirety for our Magnolia Media Network readers.

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